Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Feature In Magazine!!

Have you ever had something happen that you were expecting, but it turned out waaay better than you thought it would? Well, that sort of thing just happened to me. My friend, who happens to be a published author, Josephine Temepleton, writes for a local magazine called Town Favorites. Where I live, the magazine is a hit and one of my personal favorites. Before I met Jo, I knew of her articles and would search for it each month (page 38 - and I can go right to it!)

Now to the good part. I knew I would be featured in the December issue, but I had no idea when I read the final it would give me the warm fuzzies like it did. Okay, I'll admit it, I did tear up. Jo is an exceptional writer, and if you get a chance, please check out her published work at She has more on the way, so keep your eyes open.

Instead of me telling you more about the article, here's the link so you can see for yourself. Christmas surprizes come all sorts of ways. For me, one I'll never forget is the gift of someone choosing me as their feature article. Thanks, Jo!

                                            December 2011 issue with Laura Burks



  1. That is amazing my friend! Congratulations, you deserve it, am so proud of you. It had me teary eyed too. Luvs


  2. Aww! Thanks, Char. So glad you had a chance to read.

  3. Thanks, Laura! You made me tear up too!

  4. Thanks, Laura! You made me tear up too! - Josephine Templeton