Tuesday, December 13, 2011


One small act can have such a big impact, and with Christmas almost here, let's hope all the little acts of kindness make a huge difference. I truly believe there is more good in the world than there is bad. But if you watch the news, you would probably think otherwise.

I teach a course to elementary age students about anti-bullying. In the course, I encourage them to look at the good in others and what's around them, rather than just seeing the bad. If they were to do that, then they would in turn act off that kindness. Well, it worked. One child came up to me and said he was going to help his parents cook Christmas dinner, or at least help bake the cookies. His face lit up when I smiled at him. Then wouldn't you know it, another child, then another raised their hand and practically stumbled over their words trying to tell me EVERYTHING they would do to be nice. Maybe I should get them to come to my house!

Okay, here's something that I think is a good act happening on December 24th. Coffee Time Romance's Santa Watch  http://coffeetimeromance.com/CoffeeThoughts/ will host an event that last all day with authors, some NYT bestselling authors, and lots of giveaways. Always love a giveaway!! 

My friend, Zee, from http://firepages.blogspot.com/ is the only blogger asked to guest post for the event. GO ZEE!! I'm so happy for her. Zee was asked to talk about books she loves, and ALTERED will be listed under the category "Amazing First Impressions." She always amazes me with her kindness. Me and my work will be mentioned, as well as a giveaway. So mark your calendar for the 24th and be sure to leave a comment. That's the only way to be included in a drawing for lots of great stocking stuffers.

To you and yours, have a very peaceful and Merry Christmas filled with good acts of kindness!


  1. A really good comment was posted on Book Town for this blog: http://booktown.ning.com/profiles/blogs/24th?commentId=2735471%3AComment%3A84066&xg_source=msg_com_blogpost

  2. Ooops...seems the link didn't go through. Here;s the comment:

    Comment by Patricia Gligor


    How true! If only we could all see the good in people and stop focusing on what we don't like about them, the world would be a much better place.

    I think it's admirable that you're teaching your students that concept!