Saturday, August 17, 2013


As summer sets like the sun, so does another school year. One transition leads to another. And before I could let it really sink in, both my children are in their last year of school. Wait! I just called them children. Yes, they will always be my children. But in their eyes, one is an adult and one is right at his heels. Independence here they come! Having a senior in high school and a senior in college is both a blessing and a WHOA SLOW DOWN all wrapped and tucked inside a book sack. Strange how you can cry tears of joy and a bit of sadness at the same time.
How many of you have pictures of your little ones on their first day of preschool? Count me in too! All smiles with maybe a tooth missing. Yep, too cute and refrigerator worthy. I held that picture next to the current one this year and I can still see that little person hiding somewhere in there. But want to know what I really see? A job well done! It's not just about making good grades in school. It's the whole package.
So, to all of those kicking off another year of school, and let's not forget the parents that guided you every step, I say WAY TO GO! Keep setting goals and reaching them. YOU are the best part of our future.