Friday, October 21, 2011

A Well Deserved Cause

As a writer, you just never know who is out there interested in what you wrote, inspired by your words, or even curious after reading teaser scenes. We sit for such long hours allowing images and life situations to capture our mind and flow through our fingertips onto the page, hoping that what we produce is making sense. It's not just a story, but the gift of literacy that we are continuing to spread and nuture in the minds of those who love to read. And what about those that want to read, but the resources or funds are limited? This is where a new, but true story begins.

A month ago, I received an email from a very determined lady in Ohio who has a passion for helping her community stop illiteracy. You see, for her town, some of the libraries had closed, funds were limited, and school libraries hadn't seen a new book in years. As a result, the passion for reading wasn't being nutured, and so many were being denied the simple luxury of holding a new book in their hands.

Here's where it gets good. Due to a very popular young adult book, Lora Wiedenheft felt a passion for reading that she hadn't felt since high school. Like me, she mainly reads young adult books, but this is where her story takes a turn. She began to acquire so many books, due to a review site she started, that she decided to help out her local public library and dontate some of her beloved novels that were taking over her house. Later, she realized the demand and need was much greater than just the local library. High schools were in a bind and needed help. Lora still had books to review, but this time it would be different. This time she would involve the high school students, get them excited about reading  and reviewing, and then, stock the shelves in their school with the donated books they reviewed. With a huge YES from the schools, Lora designed a website where she keeps a list of books and a place to submit the review. READ FOR YOUR FUTURE was born.

I had the honor of being contacted by Lora. You see, I didn't know about her site, but somehow, she found me. Me? My book had only been out a few weeks and already something I managed to write sparked an interest enough to help a worthy cause. If I ever wondered why writing is a gift, I think I found my answer that day. ALTERED will find a permanent home there in an Ohio high school, shelved amongst so many other authors that I could only dream of meeting. But most importantly, my book will reach the hands of some very grateful students who have a passion for reading.

Lora's goal is: "We are dedicated to putting books in the hands of teenagers. Won't you please help in our fight against illiteracy."

With that being said, if you would like to contact Lora and help out, please visit her website at:

In closing, later, my book will be reviewed and posted on her site. But for now, Lora surprised me with an interview that was posted on her blog recently. When you get a chance, please read and feel free to leave a comment.

Until we chat again, happy reading!


  1. So glad I posted this blog. I've received comments on Book Town and my facebook from people who want to help. You just never know the power of words until you use them. Thanks everyone!

    Here's a link from Book Town, one of the sites my blog is shown.

  2. Lora is a godsend! We have been lucky enough to have her for our benefactor. She comes once in a while with bags of books and I can hear the students whispering "the Book Lady is here". And they will come to look over the new books she brings. It has been so wonderful to offer the students new books in spite of the fact we don't have much money for new books!
    -Alisa Humphrey, Media Specialist Franklin High School in Franklin, Ohio

  3. I love this idea! What a great way to help the community and the leaders of tomorrow - our youth. Thanks for posting this.