Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something Said

Hey everyone.

I belong to a writing group, HeartLa, and every year we have our FALL INTO ROMANCE READERS LUNCHEON. Here's the deal. Last year was my first year to attend. Why? Well, that's because I joined in February, and the luncheon was at the end of the year. So, here we are again, gearing up for this year. I'll have to fill you in AFTER we have the luncheon on November 5th.

For now, I wanted to share my experience from last year. If you could have seen my face. I was beaming to meet so many other writers, whether published or not. Oh, and the readers. Without them, writing just wouldn't be the same. Everyone was greeted with a bag of goodies (including a special Sherrilyn, Dianna book) good food, and of course, lots of time to get to know each other.

Me with Sherrilyn Kenyon

HeartLa group at dinner the night before the luncheon.

Our speaker was Sherrilyn Kenyon, and our emcee was Leo Honeycutt. Sherrilyn brought her friend Dianna Love. What a triple treat. Anyway, I can remember listening to every word Sherrilyn said with such awe. To an unpublished, at the time, author like me, hearing her spill her heart out was a turning point in my writing. She was funny, caring, and above all, answered all my questions. Yes, I had a lot. I was unsure if I was even a writer. I thought only published authors could call themselves that. She very kindly shared inspirational stories of people who were never published, but their work still tugged at her heart. So, unpublished can be a writer. I was glad to hear that. Rejections were getting on my last nerve.

My point to all of this is that she was so humble and ordinary. Not ordinary, boring. Ordinary as in approachable and real ... normal. I so wish I could talk to her today after being published. I have a million question I would ask. And I'm sure she, Dianna, or Leo would answer.

In a few weeks, Sabrina Jeffries will be our keynote speaker. Debrah LeBlanc will be the emcee. I'm sure this year will hold some surprises. And just like last year, when I least expect it, something will be said that I need to hear. Something that I've had on my mind that somehow will be addressed in a way that finally makes sense. I'm sure you know just what I mean!

For an update on ALTERED, it's only been 6 weeks and the reviews have me speechless. So far, all 5 stars. Oh, and what people took the time to write is so encouraging and beautiful. When you get a chance, check out the reviews and new interviews on my website. A big thanks to everyone who continues to support me.

If you're a writer, or whatever you're doing, keep me posted. Some days you are so pumped to do what is driving you. And other days, well, we need SOMETHING SAID.

Until we chat again, have a great week.

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