Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally Published!

Hey everyone.

Well, here it is. My very first blog on my very first website for my very first published novel, Altered, scheduled to be released September 1, 2011. Whew... I feel like a teenager getting her driver's license. Ever had that feeling where you're excited and scared at the same time? Yep...that's me. Being published is all those emotions, and then some, all wrapped together and put out there for the world to see. FOR THE WORLD TO SEE? stress level just spiked a notch or two.

If your wondering why I chose to write young adult, well, it's because that's my favorite genre to read. Not only is it relatable to adults, too, but it brings you back to the days when first love and growing up was fun and exciting. Funny how when you're young, you can't wait to be in high school. And then when you're out, in your mind, you think of those days often. Certain songs might trigger a memory, whether good or bad, it still brings you back to a place and time. You might even remember what you were wearing. Scary!

If you're just hearing about my debut novel, Altered, a young adult paranormal romance mystery, here's a little blurb to catch your attention:
   For eighteen year old Jenna Larson, spending the summer falling in love should be normal. But when she discovers a cursed book capable of secret writings and a hidden message, finding a way to alter the curse to save a life changed everything. Only Jenna's choice may have already chosen her.

When you get a chance, check out the rest of my website and feel free to leave me a comment. I'd love to get to know you. Altered also has a book trailer.

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Okay, one last question before I sign off. If you could pick any book and have your name as the author, which one would you choose?

Thanks and we'll chat again soon!


  1. This book sounds so interesting! It's dfinitly a one of a kind idea. I can't wait to read it!
    Goodluck with everything

  2. Thanks anonymous. I appreciate your support.

  3. Looks good Laura,

    Congrats - all the best of course

  4. Thanks C. Elizabeth (Char).

    All my best to you as well.

  5. Laura,
    We are all so excited to read your book. Lauren even took one of the book marks to her reading teacher at school to see if they could get in in the library there!!! We are all waiting for September so that we can get it!!!
    Congratulations on this great accomplishment!!!

  6. Mandy,
    Thanks for the congrats and your support. Give Lauren a big hug for bringing the bookmarks to school. Great job!

  7. So excited for you and can't wait to get my hands on the book. It will be ordered the first day it's available. My niece lives in Saudi Arabia and works at the American school and wants copies for their library. I'll be sending her the link as soon as it's available.
    I'm so proud of your accomplishment. Paula

  8. Wow! Thanks Paula. Please tell your niece how much I appreciate her spreading my work in Saudi Arabia, and thank you for sending it. What an honor. If she needs more information, I'll be happy to mail it to her.

    I'm so blessed to have people support me as a new writer. Thanks again!

  9. One more sleep my sweet friend. Yay!!!!!


  10. Thanks, Char. Not sure I can sleep, but I'll try.